How To Build A Reusable Welding Jig To Weld Perfect Iron Railing Every Time

Here’s another video taken straight from the Iron Railings 101 course. In this video I show you exactly how to make your own reusable welding jig to make the perfect iron railing down rails every time.

Until I came up with this welding jig, I was spending way too much time checking everything over and over to make sure it all stayed in place before I welded it up. It would take forever to find the angles, mark everything out, and then try to clamp down all the metal and hope nothing moved in the process.

This video’s a little long, but it’s well worth it. I use this welding jig on every iron railing project I work on. I even use for other welding projects. It’s that good. If you plan on making money from building iron railing, this welding jig is a must for you.

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How To Build The Down Rail Welding Jig

YouTube Preview Image

Have you built a welding jig that’s saves you time and money?

Let’s hear it.

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  1. says

    is it possible to make precise enough cuts with a chops saw with carbon blade,,and not the fancy diamond blade,, for the pickets if the railing or security bars are at 90 degrees????

    • HomeWelder says

      Isaac – You can, but you need to take it slow. Carbon blades have a tendency the warp which will put an angle on your cuts.

  2. Chip says

    I need to build some railing to match some that I already got (at the junk yard). It is 1/2″ bar, but every other bar is twisted. Do you know where the twisted bar might be available? Most of the ones that I found on the net are twisted at a different pitch than what I have. Also, can you buy the punched channel already made or is that a blacksmith job? Thanks!

    • HomeWelder says

      Hi Chip,

      The big problem with older twisted bar is that it hardly ever matches up with the new stuff. Much of the older bar was actually done by hand in smaller pieces. Now days you can buy 20′ sticks of the stuff that were twisted at the mill. I wish I had a better answer for you, but this is something that I deal with all the time.

    • K. Green says

      You can buy a picket twister at Harbor Freight for under $100. It is an attachment to their compact bender. Compact bender is about $60 on sale or less, picket twister is about $45 regular price I think. Haven’t checked in a while.
      You can build your own, but theirs is cheap and you get a more controlled and repeatable twist i would say.

  3. Ben says

    Hi Andy,
    Can you weld the down rails from the inside of the channel to make it look tidy or would that lead to problems later?

    Thank you.

    • HomeWelder says

      Hi Ben,

      That’s a good idea, but I’m not sure how you’d be able to get to the inside. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking.

  4. Joe Sommers says

    Weld the balusters from the opposite side that you show in the video ( inside the channel) Will be much neater and much less work. You are welding in a highly visible area and with this much production work to complete on railings you want to be able to weld an area and not have to clean it up later.

  5. Junior says

    Nice idea with the wood table, we use metal tables with welding tabs, it gets to be a pain knocking them off, I like the screw down idea…Thanks…

  6. Mike says

    im building a railing that has been drawn using round spindles. i couldnt find any punch channel for round (1/2″), so i had to buy the regular channel, and will have to drill out the holes. is there a way of drilling out the holes on the down-railing section so the rod fits through? wont it have to be elongated?
    thanks, great site.

    • K. Green says

      What is the down angle of your railing? Top of my head, i would say buy railing with square holes large enough to accommodate your elongated 1/2″ round holes, then drill flat bar on that down angle (hole-saw??), then saw up and plug the square holes with that.
      Give me your down angle and I’ll tell you how big the square holes have to be.

  7. John says

    I used a picked bender from Harbor Freight on 1/2 inch square bar. You insert the bar into a jig that is provided and twist to the desired turns. Did about 130 ft and twisted every bar. Excellent exercise!

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